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SmartUIfor WinForms

See Ultimate Suite for pricing

SmartUIfor WinForms

See Ultimate Suite for pricing

Flexible set of UI navigation controls for Windows Forms applications, with various themes included so the controls merge with your application’s current look and feel.

  • Feature-rich

  • Memory efficient controls

  • Modular, use controls as items themselves

Part of Xceed Ultimate Suite

The only set of navigation controls based on a universal core control that handles all common functionality, making it efficient and easy to learn.

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Provides all the important navigational UI controls you need. Surprisingly flexible menus, toolbars, status bar, outlook and explorer bars, treeview, option list, tab, task panes, and more.

Offers every feature you expect, including wrapping menus and toolbars, custom painting by event and by inheritance, WYSIWYG designer, and much more.

The controls are windowless for low resource use and fast display, compact distribution size, no external dependencies, CLS compliant, accessibility.

Provides unique capabilities such as being able to add any type of item (buttons, combos, textboxes, radio buttons, etc.) as a sub-element to any control.

Features :

  • 10 modern controls for your Windows Forms applications, including rich menubars, toolbars, treeviews, explorer bars / XP task panes, Office task panes, Outlook shortcut bars, status bars, tabstrips, option lists, checked listboxes.

  • Dozens of building-block items you can use in these controls, including image buttons, dropdown combo boxes, text / edit boxes, radio buttons, state buttons, date/time labels, keystate labels, mixed buttons, menu buttons, progress bars, labeled icons and images, spring panels, tabs, etc.

  • Real pixel-perfect Windows XP look that adapts to user’s current theme.

  • Simulated Windows XP look that works on all operating systems.

  • Modern Office and VS.NET look.

  • Classic Office look.

  • Classic Windows look.

  • Real-time WYSIWYG designer allows you to configure and add items to your treeviews, menus, toolbars and other controls at design time. No more compile + run phases to see if objects look the way you want them to.

  • All controls are fully extensible so you can extend or customize the control’s functionality to meet your project’s specific requirements.

  • Every visual element in each control is a distinct object that behaves like a separate control. Each element, including buttons, combo boxes, tabs, labels, icons, etc., receives its own mouse, keyboard and paint events (and can be replaced by your own customized elements thanks to extensibility).

  • Offers two ways to perform custom painting of visual elements: add extra painting code to an element’s paint event or inherit and override an element for complete control over the way it is drawn.

  • Supports Microsoft Active Accessibility 2.0 (Section 508 compliance)

  • Object-oriented design created exclusively for the .NET Framework offers a fresh and modern approach to working with UI controls, not a recycled ActiveX interface.

  • Design is based on a universal core control that handles all common functionality. Each of the 10 included controls is a specialization of the core control, offering its own extra properties, methods and events when necessary.

  • Ultra compact distribution size, under 500K even if you use all 10 controls.

  • All controls work with the same logical methodology, so learning how to use one means you know how to use them all.

  • Core control design philosophy maximizes code reuse and provides far better software reliability for your applications as opposed to using truly separate controls.

  • Written entirely in managed C# (source code available through a Blueprint subscription).

  • Includes plenty of VB.NET and C# samples.

  • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio.

  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.

  • CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).

  • Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.

  • Unicode support throughout the product.

  • Items displayed by the controls are windowless for minimum use of resources and the ability to rapidly display many items at the same time. Do more and put more on your forms with Xceed SmartUI for .NET.

  • Integrates well into dashboard and business intelligence software.

  • Items in controls such as toolbars and menus automatically wrap onto multiple lines when necessary.

  • XP theme resources can be included with the controls. No need to have the theme installed on the target system. Will even work on non-XP operating systems.

  • Create menus that adapt to user’s behavior like Windows 2000 does.

  • Control the visibility, selection state, and mouse hovering behavior of each item in your controls.

  • Add, copy and delete sub-items as needed.

  • Undo operations.

  • Create, edit, delete, expand, and collapse nodes in objects that have them.

  • Easily access any sub-item’s event-handling code.

  • Complete, comprehensive documentation provided in an MSDN-style HTML format which is fully context-sensitive so that pressing F1 on a keyword in your IDE opens up the manual to the appropriate topic.

  • 10 VB and 10 C# samples to get you up to speed fast on using each of the controls.

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