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Docking Windowsfor WinForms

See Ultimate Suite for pricing

Docking Windowsfor WinForms

See Ultimate Suite for pricing

Give your Windows Forms apps the ability to dock and float windows, make panels that auto-hide, group windows into tabs, and more. Feature rich, and easy to use. Backed by a responsive support team.

  • Easy set-up

  • Saves and loads window layouts

  • Data-binding friendly

Part of Xceed Ultimate Suite

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Dock and float windows, make windows auto-hide, and group windows into tabs. Recreates the functionality and the look of Visual Studio’s docking windows interface.  The containers let us use any .NET control with them.

Provides a logical and intuitive object model, and full programmatic control of all end-user interface features.

Features :

  • Written entirely in managed C# code. Source code provided with Blueprint Subscription.

  • Includes VB.NET and C# samples for Visual Studio.

  • Object-oriented design created exclusively for .NET Windows Forms development.

  • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio.

  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.

  • CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).

  • Does not use unsafe blocks to minimize security risks.

  • Integrates well into dashboard and business intelligence software.

  • Create windows that can be docked, floated, or tab-grouped, as needed.

  • Smooth auto-hide feature lets you keep windows conveniently out of the way.

  • Exact look and behavior of the Visual Studio docking windows interface.

  • Full programmatic control of all end-user interface features.

  • Supports MDI applications.

  • Supports tabbed MDI. Right-click on a tab brings up all the expected options (float, dock, autohide, hide). Control-tab displays the expected pop-up window with the list of control-tab destinations.

  • Undock an entire group of windows at once into a floating tab-group.

  • Dock a window into a floating window, not just the main window.

  • Vertical or horizontal tabs for auto-hidden windows, depending on location.

  • Pin and unpin windows to enable or disable auto-hide.

  • Drag a tab to undock a tab-grouped window.

  • Docked windows are proportionately resized with the main form.

  • Data-binding friendly: the application’s DataContext is propagated to each window.

  • Save and load window layouts.

  • Assign icons to tabs.

  • Set the speed with which auto-hide ToolWindows are shown or displayed.

  • Set the delay before auto-hide ToolWindows are shown or hidden.

  • Create any number of window groups, horizontally or vertically tabbed.

  • Set the width and height of auto-hide tabs, as well as the height of group tabs.

  • Change the appearance of the selected tab.

  • Windows reliably remember their last position when being restored.

  • Double-click title bar to toggle between docked and floating state.

  • Change appearance of group tabs, auto-hide frames, captions, and title bars.

  • Design contents of windows as if they were a UserControl.

  • Windows can be easily created directly from UserControls.

  • Windows can contain any .NET control.

  • Prevent the end-user from changing window states, such as going from floating to docking, etc.

  • Specify a work area around which windows can dock or group.

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