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The mindset of Xceed

Who we are ?

Xceed is an international software component development partner for technology leaders worldwide. Founded in the mid-90's with very humble aspirations in Montreal Canada, Xceed has retained a garage start-up feel from the inside but with the capability of delivering world class finished products for our clients and partners.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled programmers, experienced managers and expert partners. We are a diverse team, some speaking 2, 3 or even 4 languages! All this, coupled with our new creative workspace, is a recipe for bustling innovation. But most importantly, our team has fun doing what they do best.

We are:

Genuine, easy-going & collaborative

The way we work and collaborate internally is reflected in how we work with all our external relations.

Different, creative & fun

We are naturally different because our perspective and behaviour is rooted by values like authenticity, uniqueness, performance and aesthetic. We are problem solvers having fun.

Skilled & efficient

We know what we are doing, and we do it well. So much so, in fact, that despite our size in comparison to those we are up against, we make a meaningful impact that is felt throughout the industry and appreciated in the market. Being a small privately held company allows us to be nimble and agile and permits us to listen to our clients and act quickly when needed.

Modern & Progressive

We our curious, about you, about your business, about the industry, about technology. It is this curiosity that has pushed us toward innovation.

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