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Input Validatorfor WinForms

See Ultimate Suite for pricing

Input Validatorfor WinForms

See Ultimate Suite for pricing

Easy, self-wiring text validation for WinForms. Visual configuration of each validation criterion and customizable error messages.

  • No code to write

  • Form-level or control-level validation

  • RegEx capable, with many pre-built included

Part of Xceed Grid for WinForms, also part of Xceed Ultimate Suite

The only input validation controls for WPF with a fully visual approach.

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Instant validation, no code! Simply drag and drop it onto any Windows Form and it will add validation properties directly to all compatible controls.

Configure control validation visually or set the new properties that are automatically added to each compatible control.

For most controls, a warning icon can flash next to them when a validation error occurs. Hover the mouse over the icon for an explanation of the rule.

Form-level or control-level validation, fully customizable and localizable error messages, validation with regular expressions (many included), regular expression tester, wide variety of validation operators and options, and more.

Provides unique capabilities such as restricting the values entered in a combo box to a set of predefined values and comparing the value contained in one input component with another.

Features :

  • Written entirely in managed C# code. Source code included with the Blueprint Subscription.

  • Includes VB.NET and C# samples for Visual Studio.

  • Object-oriented design created exclusively for the .NET framework.

  • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio.

  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.

  • CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).

  • Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.

  • Integrates well into dashboard and business intelligence software.

  • Fully visual approach to implementing input component validation.

  • Validation error messages are overridable and localizable.

  • Wide variety of operators and options available when setting up validation criteria.

  • Validation of criteria is available either when focus leaves a specific input component or when a general validation method is called.

  • Compatible with the .NET Framework’s TextBox and ComboBox controls, as well as with Xceed Grid for WinForms cells and Xceed Editors for WinForms.

  • Expandable by deriving from ValidationCriterion or ValidationExpression classes.

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