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Xceed Summer Update! 2021

Xceed Summer Update! 2021

Summer Update 2021

You can find all the technical details of this update in the release notes.
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What's New

We have been working really hard recently to bring you new versions of some of your favorite products and make sure that they are all compatible with .NET 5.0.

Some of our more mature products, like sFTP, Zip, FTP and Real-TimeZip all jumped to version 7.0. Amongst notable new features, version 7.0 of Xceed sFTP offers broad compatibility, increased security and significantly broadens compatibility with SSH/sFTP servers, while Xceed Zip’s scalability is improved when dealing with split zip files.

We are also happy to announce that Words for .NET is now at version 2.0, which allows to digitally sign a docx document and adds other cool new features and improvements. Meanwhile, Xceed DataGrid for WPF has jumped to version 4.2, which adds more styling options for controls with Spinner or DropDown buttons, a new Password editor and other extra features and bug fixes.

Xceed DataGrid for JS has also jumped to a new version and is now at version 1.7. This version introduces a style selector that can stylize parts of the grid using conditions, adds an option to select cells individually and improves grid performance.

What we are working on

Since we never stop working on improving our products, we are currently busy at Xceed working on other improvements for most of our products. For example, in the Xceed sFTP for .NET and .NET Standard component, we are working on adding support for the "Curve 25519" key exchange method, as well as the "Ed 25519" public key signature algorithm. Both are variants of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm, which are popular for their security and safety-friendly characteristics. This support will increase the number of servers the component can connect to and make the component even more future-proof. 

As for Xceed Words for .NET, the PDF conversion still continues to be improved. We are currently working on inserting charts or other documents at any position in a docx document. With the help of new team members, we are also going through our features/bugs items list to add as much as possible for our next release. 

In Toolkit, the docking windows control AvalonDock and PropertyGrid still has fixes and updates on the way. We are also working on adding a new theme for all of the Toolkit controls; this theme will be based on the popular Google's Material Design look and feel.

If that wasn’t enough, we are currently creating a new theme for Xceed DataGrid for JS and planning improvements to the styling options.

What's next for us

Xceed is also working on a new .NET product that we will be announcing shortly, stay tune for more details.

This is just a sample of what we are working on at Xceed. We expect to have more details for new releases soon so keep an eye out! Once again, if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please reach out and we will make sure that you hear from us as quickly as possible!

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