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At Xceed, we endeavor to provide the support and services that professional developers deserve. Whenever you need help, you may consult the wealth of online technical resources we have placed at your disposal below. If you have an active support and upgrade subscription, or wish to take advantage of the free support included with every trial product, you may contact Xceed's support staff to receive prompt and concise answers to your queries.

Xceed product subscriptions give you an entire year of expert, priority support, as well as a perpetual license for versions received during the subscription and access to new versions, new features, and bug fixes.

A Blueprint subscription gives you all the benefits of a standard subscription, but also gives you the C# source of the .NET products (and XAML of the WPF / Silverlight products).

For mission-critical support levels, Xceed offers the Enterprise subscription.

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This area is for peer-to-peer support between Xceed component users, and also a great place to exchange ideas and share knowledge about Xceed components with others.