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Xceed offers custom development, coaching, and training services using state-of-the-art technology. Our world-renowned developers will help you achieve your development goals on-time and within your budget. And our services are guaranteed!

Whether it’s for custom development or coaching for any phase of your project, or training on our products, Xceed Consulting Services has the offerings you need to take your project to where you want it to go.

Our primary areas of expertise include the WPF, Windows Forms, and Silverlight user interfaces. We are also experts in data compression.

A top 5 component vendor worldwide and ComponentSource best-seller, we’ve been in the component-based industry for nearly 20 years, and our components are used by over 100,000 professional developers worldwide, including by Microsoft in many applications such as Visual Studio Team System 2010, and Microsoft Office. Xceed’s track record and the expertise and experience of our world-class developers mean you can trust your most important projects to us!

Using Consulting Services

Companies don’t always have the personnel resources or the targeted experience they need to fulfill their development needs, but can’t hire permanent, full-time developers to accomplish their goals and meet their deadlines. Our consultants bring years of development experience and an objective perspective to your project.

Some of Our Customers

Our customer base is as varied as it is large. Xceed has been chosen by companies in industries such as the following:

  • Healthcare: over 500 customers
  • Retail: over 100 customers
  • Financial: over 200 customers

Xceed also helps customers fulfill their mandates in the education, e-learning, airline, manufacturing, CRM, travel, and entertainment industries, as well as the Armed Forces and various aerospace agencies, among others.

Our Technologies

Xceed works with the most recent and powerful programming languages and platforms:

  • WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and XAML
  • Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008 and Expression Blend
  • Microsoft .NET Framework versions 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1
  • C# and VB.NET
  • Microsoft Workflow Foundation
  • Visual C, ActiveX, and COM
  • ASP.NET, AJAX, and JavaScript

.NET Framework 4 .NET Framework 3.5  .NET Framework 3.0  .NET Framework 2.0  .NET Framework 1.1 

Windows Presentation Foundation Logo

Silverlight Logo

We are proud of our complete mastery of .NET Framework development and the fact that we are world leaders in WPF and Silverlight, having released the market’s first and most important WPF control in 2007 and the first commercial .NET class library in 2002.

At Xceed, we also believe in the convergence of desktop, Web and mobile access to information.

Pricing and Contact

Pricing will depend on many factors, not least of which are the scope of your project and the nature of the features involved, which in turn will dictate the resources you require.

Contact a sales representative at 1-800-865-2626 or sales@xceed.com to learn more and to start making a difference in your project now.