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The most powerful and flexible zip / unzip component on the market. A 20-year track record!
Current version: 5.8 (History)
Platforms supported: .NET 2.0 to 4.6

$299.95 USD for royalty-free license of the current version
$799.95 USD with 1-year support and update subscription

45-day free trial, 60-day satisfaction guarantee

The most advanced and reliable .NET compression library on the market. Used by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, IBM and many Fortune 500 companies in their applications!
An industry-defining feature set! Thanks to the addition of the latest Zip standard, WinZip 12 and up compatibility—offered by no other library—and recently technologies like AES encryption, PPMd, and BZip2, you can deliver the functionality your end-users need today, keeping you ahead of your competition. Provides Gzip and Tar too!
Solid as a rock, and updated often. A proven 20-year track record with Zip products makes this the most stable data manipulation library of its kind, so you can create robust applications you can count on. Microsoft trusts it enough to use it in some of their products, including server operating systems!
One product for all your data and file manipulation needs. Offering much more than compression, it also provides built-in file transfer (secure FTP), synchronization, and filesystem capabilities, through an integrated interface that is simple yet powerful.
Complex operations with a single line of code. Update the contents of a regular/spanned/split Zip file locally, on a remote secure FTP server, in a stream or in memory. Stream directly to or from a file inside a compressed file. Synchronize the contents of any number of folders and files of any type. Whatever combination you need, this library lets you do it!
All operations are fully optimized to reduce bandwidth and increase speed so that you can perform feats such as speedily accessing a file located in a Zip file on a remote FTP server. Designed with Microsoft’s collaboration!  For “on-the-fly” Zip read/write for scenarios where intermediate disk/memory storage is a major concern or simply not possible, check out Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET!

More than a license: it's a subscription! In addition to a perpetual license for versions received during the subscription, you get a year of these great services: expert priority support and access to new versions, new features, and bug fixes. Choosing the Blueprint subscription adds the full C# source.

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