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Grid NET Pricing
An advanced, multi-talented,  100% extensible data grid control.
Current version for .NET 4.5/4: 3.9 (History)
Current version for .NET 3.5 SP1 & lower: 3.8
Platform: .NET WinForms
Price: $1,599.95 USD for a 1-year subscription
          Perpetual, royalty-free license
          45-day trial, 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Grid for .NET Updates : virtualization, grouping, sort, cell, row, fixed column, summary row, pdf, data grid .net, reporting .net, report .net

Version 3.9

Grid .NET for .NET
  • This version is built and fully compatible with .NET Framework 4 for Visual Studio 2010.

    Update 3.9.10308.13060 released June 11, 2010.

    Update 3.9.10417.17390 released August 23, 2010.

    Update 3.9.11160.11370 released March 10, 2011.

    Update 3.9.12124.10580 released March 1, 2012.
    (Changes in documentation and new license agreement.)

    Update 3.9.12266.11050 released May 22, 2012.

    Update 3.9.12526.13170 released November 12, 2012.

    Update 3.9.13165.12030 released March 25, 2013. (Product now integrates into Visual Studio 2012 Toolbox. Documentation now compatible with VS2012.)
Version 3.8

Grid .NET for .NET to Grid .NET for .NET
  • Added auto-complete capabilities to the editors available in Xceed Editors for .NET, included with Xceed Grid for .NET. Several small bug fixes. Finally, the editors have been modified recently to address an issue with pop-ups when working with VB6.

    As of v3.5, Xceed Grid for .NET works only with .NET Framework 2.0 and up. Users developing with .NET 1.1 can obtain the latest bug fixes by downloading the most recent Service Pack.

    Update 3.8.9175.12420 released April 1, 2009.

    Update 3.8.9356.09250 released July 13, 2009.

    Update 3.8.9616.13400 released December 21, 2009.

    Update 3.8.10308.15040 released June 11, 2010.

    Update 3.8.10417.22220 released August 23, 2010.
Version 3.7

Grid .NET for .NET to Grid .NET for .NET
  • Service release. Full compatibility with Visual Studio 2008. All samples have been converted to VS2008 (names of Visual Studio 2005 versions now contain "_VS2005").

    As of v3.5, Xceed Grid for .NET works only with .NET Framework 2.0 and up. Users developing with .NET 1.1 can obtain the latest bug fixes by downloading the most recent Service Pack.

    Update 3.7.8312.09580 was released June 12, 2008.

    Update 3.7.8373.08220 was released July 28, 2008.

    Update 3.7.8465.14130 was released September 16, 2008.
Version 3.6

Grid .NET for .NET to Grid .NET for .NET
  • Performance enhancements through cell UI virtualization, for shorter load times and decreased memory use. With a reference grid containing 10 columns and 100,000 data rows, load time is 3.3 times faster, and the grid uses 55% less memory, compared to previous versions of Xceed Grid for .NET.
  • Delayed databound data-row load with collapsed detail grids: with a reference grid containing multiple detail grids, load time is 15.75 times faster compared to previous versions of Xceed Grid for .NET.

    As of v3.5, Xceed Grid for .NET works only with .NET Framework 2.0 and up. Users developing with .NET 1.1 can obtain the latest bug fixes by downloading the most recent Service Pack.

    Update 3.6.7570.10530 was released November 21, 2007.
Version 3.5

Grid .NET for .NET to Grid .NET for .NET
  • Vista theme support, gradient map feature with transparency, and interactive visual styles that change the grid’s appearance to reflect its state.

    As of v3.5, Xceed Grid for .NET works only with .NET Framework 2.0 and up. Users developing with .NET 1.1 can obtain the latest bug fixes by downloading the most recent Service Pack.
Version 3.2

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1 & Grid .NET for .NET 2.0
  • Excel export capabilities let you save grid data to XML spreadsheets. These specially formatted files are recognized as Excel files by Windows and will be opened automatically as such. Complete control over the appearance of the spreadsheets is provided through the exporter's properties and events, as well as XMLSS attribute classes.

    This is the last version of Xceed Grid for .NET compiled to run on both .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0. While no new features will be made available for developers working with .NET 1.1, bug fixes for versions designed to work with .NET 1.1 will continue to be made available through Service Packs.
Version 3.1

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • Fixed column support is available at runtime through the fixed column splitter glyph, or programmatically. Fixed columns are repeated on each printed page if there are too many columns to fit the page width. Also new are several incremental improvements to the built-in reporting engine (see our online documentation for a list).
Version 3.0

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • A major upgrade to Xceed's grid. Xceed Grid for .NET is the first grid control to feature a built-in reporting engine, letting you do more with a single component. License keys for Xceed Editors for .NET are now provided with the grid. These controls integrate seamlessly into Xceed Grid for .NET but can also be used independently.
Version 2.5

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • V2.5 is compatible with Xceed Editors for .NET. It can also be bound directly to an array of simple types and will show the value of those types in one column. Also, the focus rectangle of the grid can be hidden and custom painted. When the dock style is set to DockStyle.Fill, a GripperPosition can be set to reserve space for the resizing gripper.
Version 2.3

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • Version 2.3 features enhancements to the control's performance and responsiveness, making it faster than Microsoft's DataGrid. Sorting is 5 to 25 faster than before (2 to 8 times faster than the MS grid). Display speed has also been improved: on average, Grid for .NET is now 10% faster than before and 5% faster than the MS grid.
Version 2.2

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • V2.2 is a relatively minor upgrade, adding compatibility with Xceed Input Validator for .NET so you can easily add cell-level validation. It also provides the built-in (customizable) ability to display cell- or row-level error messages, such as a blinking error icon, tooltips or cell background effects.
Version 2.1

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • Xceed Grid for .NET v2.1 introduces a number of improvements to the grid's end-user experience and object model. It also introduces support for Microsoft's Active Accessibility.
  • The most notable end-user experience addition is the new single-click edit mode that allows end-users to simultaneously enter edit mode on a cell and activate items such as checkboxes, text and combo boxes with only one click.
  • Extensive support for Microsoft's Active Accessibility 2.0
  • GridControl gets SingleClickEdit property so first mouse down directly enters cell edit mode
  • When a cell is in Edit mode, everything is aligned just like regular view mode
  • Unlinked data bound columns can now be displayed (new ShowUnlinkedColumn property)
  • Sorting behavior improvements
  • Cell editor handling of Null and DBNull values improved
  • You can now set CurrentRow, CurrentCell, CurrentColumn to Null.
  • Grid can now pre-generate a list of columns from a type (GenerateFromType method)
  • Focus rectangle tweaks
  • AddRange and ResetTo have been added to SelectedRowList
  • Cell object gets new EnterEdit overload to enable passing a mouse down to the editor.
  • ColumnManagerCell gets new MouseState property usable when overriding OnMouse* events
  • ControlViewer now supports controls with children.
  • Better support for combo boxes with DropDownStyle set to DropDown.
  • Can now hide the Plus / Minus (+/-) symbol on desired DataRows (ShowPlusMinus property)
Version 2.0

Grid .NET for .NET 1.1
  • New for v2.0 is an extremely flexible implementation of hierarchical master/detail views as well as the ability to display the entire grid with the Windows XP look and feel including extensive XP theme support. In fact, the master/detail support is so flexible that the grid can even be used as a heavy duty, feature-rich Treeview control - see the included new sample application for a striking example.
  • Master/Detail: Each grid row can have multiple detail grids on the same level
  • Master/Detail: Detail grids can be either bound, unbound or both
  • Master/Detail: Smart scrolling eliminates the clutter of an extra set of scrollbars
  • Master/Detail: Extensible detail grid objects
  • Master/Detail: Extensible hierarchical Group-by row
  • Master/Detail: detail grids can be independent or can automatically synchronize with each other so that they all have the same columns, column order and configurations, sorting and grouping.
  • XP w/themes: Switch from classic Windows / Office look to XP look by setting one property
  • XP w/themes: Precisely matches the look of the user's current XP theme (any theme!)
  • XP w/themes: You can force the grid to use a specific XP theme regardless of current theme
  • XP w/themes: Even works on non-XP systems
Version 1.1
  • Improvements in v1.1 included the ability to scroll a grid's view to any cell, row, group or column, more control over the grid's current row and finding which section of a grid it is located in, and a variety of meaningful new edit events for rows and cells.
  • The v1.1 update of Xceed Grid for .NET added dozens of minor flexibility improvements to make developing with it more efficient. It also added optimized drawing code for faster display, scrolling and resizing. The grid object also now loads very quickly, and features more efficient memory usage to handle even the biggest datasets.