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Grid for .NET : grid net, datagrid .net, data grid .net, excel export, microsoft business accounting, cell editors, calendar, mask edit, multi-column combobox

Grid NET Pricing
An advanced, multi-talented,  100% extensible data grid control.
Current version for .NET 4.6/4.5/4: 3.9 (History)
Current version for .NET 3.5 SP1 & lower: 3.8
Platform: .NET WinForms
Price: $1,599.95 USD for a 1-year subscription
          Perpetual, royalty-free license
          45-day trial, 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Grid for .NET Updates : virtualization, grouping, sort, cell, row, fixed column, summary row, pdf, data grid .net, reporting .net, report .net

Over 120 features, including grouping, hierarchical master / detail, pixel-perfect XP and Office theming, fixed rows and columns, Excel export, Windows Vista theme support, gradient maps, interactive visual styles, cell UI virtualization and other performance enhancements, and much more. Simply the most powerful .NET gridview on the market.
The only grid with built-in reporting. Lets end-users generate, format, export (PDF, HTML, TIFF, and JPEG), and print reports from their Grid-enabled apps.
Offers the industry's most logically crafted and extensible .NET object model. Compatible with .NET 4.5/4 and 2.0-3.5.
Includes a rich set of modular cell editor controls including multi-column combobox, rich calendar, etc. They are all usable outside the grid, too.
Used and approved by Microsoft in many of their applications, including in Microsoft Office!
More than a license: it's a subscription! In addition to a perpetual license for versions received during the subscription, you get a year of these great services: expert priority support and access to new versions, new features, and bug fixes. Choosing the Blueprint subscription adds the full C# source.