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Tab control limitations

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  •  03-31-2004, 5:03 AM Post no. 5825

    Tab control limitations

    I have been looking at the demo of the SmartUI tab control to see if it will do what i'm hoping it will. The demo assigns a picture box to the tab, and I have 2 questions about this method:

    1: I tried assigning another 3rd party control to the tab instead of a picture, and it worked when first viewing the tab, then the tab went black on further views, does Smart UI only work with pictures or is it more likely that it is a problem with the 3rd party control? (putting the control in a picture works fine, so it isn't a problem, I just wanted to check.).

    2: Is it possible to assign a control to a tab that is on another form? If so, how?
    From the demo I tried many combinations of:

    SmartUIContainer("ADD_REMOVE").Value = "form1.Picture1"
    SmartUIContainer("ADD_REMOVE").Value = form1."Picture1"
    SmartUIContainer("ADD_REMOVE").Value = form1.Picture1

    etc, but I couldn't seemt to make it work. Alternatively, could I add a dynamically created control to the form?

    Any help on any of the above would be much appreciated.

  •  03-31-2004, 9:42 AM Post no. 5826 in reply to 5825

    Re: Tab control limitations

    Alternatively, is it possible to assign a whole form to a container?
  •  04-01-2004, 9:46 AM Post no. 5827 in reply to 5826

    Re: Tab control limitations

    I think i've worked out a way round my problem, however, i'd like to know if it's possible to assign a member of an array to a tab?
  •  04-01-2004, 10:53 AM Post no. 5828 in reply to 5827

    Re: Tab control limitations

    For some reason I didnt think passing it the same way it was defined would work:
    frm.SmartUIContainer("Estab").Value = "TabFrame(0)"

    All sorted.
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