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Problems with a Logarithmic X-Axis

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  •  02-20-2012, 12:54 PM Post no. 31717

    Problems with a Logarithmic X-Axis

    Two problems I've encountered with a logarithmic x-axis (and numeric y-axis) so far:

    1) The MajorGridLine doesn't appear to do anything. No matter what settings I give it, nothing seems to show up (while I can easily get them to appear for the y-axis, and they work fine for the logarithmic y-axis in the demo).

    2) An attached ZoomTool doesn't function correctly. The zoom overlay window for the chart (the colored rectangle and interact-able area) appears to extend indefinitely to the left, and is also shifted to the left by some unknown proportion of the LogarithmicBase value. For example, with a LogarithmicBase of 10, this window only extends a small amount along the x-axis, whereas if we change the LogarithmicBase to 1.05, we have access to nearly all of the chart for zooming.

    Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  •  03-09-2012, 3:50 AM Post no. 31822 in reply to 31717

    Re: Problems with a Logarithmic X-Axis

    Another problem I've encountered now is that the DataCursorTool also does not function correctly along a logarithmic x-axis.
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