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Xceed.FileSystem license missing?

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  •  04-09-2009, 9:06 AM Post no. 20065

    Xceed.FileSystem license missing?


     A .NET 2.0 project counts with Xceed ZIP 3.7 license in place. An error is issued related  to Xceed.FileSystem license missing.

    "Xceed.FileSystem.Licenser.LicenseKey must be set to a valid trial or registered license..." etc

    Which of the products licenses would unlock Xceed.FileSystem and how to define this? I have read in other threads that using Xceed´s FTP key could work?

    Please kindly provide further details.



  •  04-09-2009, 1:39 PM Post no. 20096 in reply to 20065

    Re: Xceed.FileSystem license missing?

    You can either use the FTP (starts with FTN37-...) or ZIP (starts with ZIN37-...) key to unlock the FileSystem dll.

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    Xceed Software Inc.
  •  02-17-2012, 3:28 PM Post no. 31705 in reply to 20096

    Re: Xceed.FileSystem license missing?

    What about for Xceed Zip 2.0 in a .NET 2.0 project?  I receive the same FileSystem license error, but the Zip and FTP licenses do not work.

     The ZipDemo docs state:

             * Setting the LicenseKey property of the Licenser class located in the Xceed.Zip
             * namespace will also register the classes in the Xceed.Compression and
             * Xceed.FileSystem namespaces.

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