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Netflix Catalog + ODATA + Xceed DataGrid for Silverlight
Developers can allow end-users to browse remote data sources with the user experience demonstrated in this video.
Xceed DataGrid for WPF Asynchronous Stealth Paging
This provides the user with the full scrollbar experience, instant loading, and instant "next page" or "previous page" experience.
3D View Controls for WPF
Channel 9 MSDN video about 3D views in Xceed DataGrid for WPF.
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Updated WPF Datagrid, WPF Toolkit, Zip, SFTP and FTP for .NET
September 29, 2014

DataGrid for WPF updated to v5.4 with performance increases, various notable new features, and over 30 bug fixes and minor improvements. Extended WPF Toolkit Plus moves to v2.4, getting a major update to the datagrid, 40 bug fixes and improvements, and a Tokenized TextBox control. SFTP for .NET moves to v5.6 gets support for HTTP, SOCKS4/4A and SOCKS5 proxy servers and more efficient flow control, and also lets you select a specific network adapter to connect from. FTP for .NET moves to v5.6 now supports FXP server-to-server file transfers, and support for MLST and MLSD commands for precise interpretation of filenames, dates and other file info. Zip for .NET moves to v5.6 and its GZip feature can now extract archives made up of consecutive inner GZip streams. Documentation and tips have been added on how to deal with Unicode characters in zip archives. SFTP, FTP and ZIP for .NET also get performance improvements and support to access disk files and paths longer than 260 characters.

Performance enhancements and more
May 12, 2014

DataGrid for WPF moves to v5.3 and provides over 40 improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. It adds more Excel-like abilities, a new asynchronous binding mode, and more. Extended WPF Toolkit Plus moves to v2.3 providing over 30 improvements and a new control, ToggleSwitch. SFTP for .NET jumps to v5.5 with performance increases in file transfers, SSH connection protocol flow control, and the ability to connect through a specific network adapter. All .NET controls in Data Manipulation Suite that are based on Xceed FileSystem classes move to v5.5 and include bug fixes and minor improvements.

WPF DataGrid and Toolkit updated
February 12, 2014

This release updates WPF controls. First, Xceed DataGrid for WPF moves to v5.2, offering a variety of performance improvements and over 50 reported issues addressed. Second, Xceed WPF Toolkit Plus moves to v2.2, providing over 20 bug fixes and improvements, plus 4 new controls: RadialGauge , a beautiful, styleable, feature-rich radial gauge control. RatingControl, a feature-rich, styleable, interactive rating control to display or edit ratings, with built-in icons. RangeSlider, lets users set a lower and upper value using a dual-thumb slider control. TimeSpanUpDown to allow easy +/- input of time spans over 24 hours.

Updated DataGrids, Toolkit, Themes, Zip, SFTP and more
November 27, 2013

Xceed DataGrid for WPF updated to 5.1 with performance improvements, bug fixes, new Metro theme and more. Xceed Professional Themes for WPF updated to v2.1 with new Metro theme. Xceed Extended WPF Toolkit Plus moves to v2.1 with over 70 improvements and bug fixes. Xceed Zip for .NET updated to v5.4 with improved LZMA compression, new events for post-processing items, bug fixes, and more. Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET, Windows Phone, Silveright updated to 5.4 with bug fixes and Windows Phone 8 support. Xceed SFTP for .NET updated to v5.4 with protocol enhancements and bug fixes.

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